At The Crossroads

The Winds of liberty now whisper
And shall we, the undaunted fellows of gloom
Pick up the needy call that holds?
Or shall we continue the jumbled walk in our foolhardiness?
Shall the voices so revered,
Speak any wisdom to the rest of us?
Or shall we deify their folly
And trudge on, sure and holy….
…. Onto death’s very crux?
Need we such again ask?
When the icy hands eventually come to pat our backs.


On The Rise

Dumped. Forgotten. Rotten
But the stench of death thereof
Tickles a hopeful breath of life
And the dreary death of dust
Now bears the horizon from which the new sun rises.
The fontomfrom shall sound thunderously
From many miles away
From the stillness of dawn to the rumble of mid-day
The people shall find the lost joy
And the land and its nuggets shall find their true owners
The atumpan shall be clung to
And beautifully drummed too.
The melodic atentenben shall echo and re-echo
Through the skies and through each meandering trail
And the winds shall sweep the message into the world
Through each breezy wail
Running through each city, town, village and hamlet
That all may know of the great rise…
The return of they that were lost to the tides.

Love By Night

When the gleam of day is gone
The haven of twilight glitter illuminates my heart
To feel, to know… to desire
And in the vastness of the night’s skies,
I find what I truly feel for you
In the brightness of the African moon
I find the uniqueness of your beauty
In the twinkling stars
I find the sure hope that we’ll stick together all through the times
But most truly…. in the silence of the night,
I find the courage to say ‘I love you’.

The Last Blow

Thou cometh
Too silently…
Too suddenly…
Too unheavenly!
Death, thou cometh but creepingly

Unsolicited host of father and brother
The uninvited guest in mama’s chamber
And now, thou art my very own next door neighbour
Sipping the very life out of me
Thou who cometh in without asking
Churning glowing faces into rusting
When thou calleth me to the casket
The soul is but too lame to resist
Could I ever skip you…?
When thou art to me, akin?
-I rhetorically keep asking.



Sweet wheezing winds that pass
Souls of turmoil crave your stay
Sweet wheezing winds of love that pass
Lonely hearts yearn for your touch
Up and through, hold your peace thus
And walk through these lands
These minds
These hearts
Abease… Onyinase
There, our blindfolded tap-tap
Shall seek you out
And your beamless haven shall melt our tattered doubts
It shall dissolve the unfriendly touch of loneliness
Abease… Onyinase
In the greenery of the fields
Lonely hearts meditate
And downtrodden souls rejuvenate
Pouring out the hungry spirit of lifelessness
Where haven’t mortal eyes looked?
Beside trunks and beneath leafy canopies
Beside a beautiful black maiden
In the realms of sweet whispers of love
Tingling and mingling in the heart
Nothing else have mortal hearts yearned
But the sweet solace of this love uniquely churned
The grasping clutter of clasped hands
In tune with the rhythm of love
And the solace of heart
Abease… Onyinase…
Indeed, odo bi tease.

Die Not

Tattered leaves of brown decay
Your cry is the dreary sound of dismay
The harmattan has drowned your very life
But please die no… no, not now!
Live on with your brownish tint
That tomorrow, your emerald tinge of an after-death sprout
Might feed generations yet unborn. ***

Spirit unfettered … so wretched… much untendered
Your grief has not gone uncaptured
The empty womb that holds you
Is indeed flooded with abortive hope
And your tomorrow is but a sound of sorrow
But please die not
For you hold the light to the darkness of tomorrow
So please let not death kill you! ***

Lonely child of sorrow…
Your look tells me of the emptiness that fills your tummy
Yes…. Of the countless moments that have held you in despair
And in desperate want of a rejuvenating sip of mellow waters
Lonely child of sorrow… let not death kill you!
Live on and be the father of a better-nurtured generation.

An Ode to Mama


Haven of warmth

My voice when I couldn’t talk

You alone understood me even in my speechlessness

Indeed God created me

But all through, it’s you that have catered for me

Mama, you’ve truly been my manna

Sustaining me from scratch into a formidable tower

The road has never been all smooth

But you’ve held me and kept me going all through

Indeed, an ode to mama

Unique pair of hands of care

Always there to pamper and feed me

Pearly eyes of hope

Unique smile of joy

Priceless laurels that childhood gave to me

So free from my sweet Mama that be

And all through, I’ve never run out of yen for this