True, the long wait just passed on

And the much-awaited just knocked on my frail door

Passing moments have silently knitted out the haunted moment

and the fire finally got so intense

It was all indeed a long wait

But good enough, the survivor spirit stayed

The loud bellows rang

But the clear sound, we hardly could understand

Or even do anything about; but just daze along

The bellows blew on…….. and we sang our songs

And it was all rife…… A revolution for our old-tainted lives

Crusade! Crusade!! Crusade!!!

And we, the tireless vuvuzellas, sang and chanted on

All in the way of liberty, our endless song.

The flags flew high and bade

The fading horrors of the passed days.

And our stumping feet soldiered on fast

Indeed, it was the birth of a new day

The birth of liberty, our divine way!



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