Sweet wheezing winds that pass
Souls of turmoil crave your stay
Sweet wheezing winds of love that pass
Lonely hearts yearn for your touch
Up and through, hold your peace thus
And walk through these lands
These minds
These hearts
Abease… Onyinase
There, our blindfolded tap-tap
Shall seek you out
And your beamless haven shall melt our tattered doubts
It shall dissolve the unfriendly touch of loneliness
Abease… Onyinase
In the greenery of the fields
Lonely hearts meditate
And downtrodden souls rejuvenate
Pouring out the hungry spirit of lifelessness
Where haven’t mortal eyes looked?
Beside trunks and beneath leafy canopies
Beside a beautiful black maiden
In the realms of sweet whispers of love
Tingling and mingling in the heart
Nothing else have mortal hearts yearned
But the sweet solace of this love uniquely churned
The grasping clutter of clasped hands
In tune with the rhythm of love
And the solace of heart
Abease… Onyinase…
Indeed, odo bi tease.


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