MY GREAT FORTRESS UPHILL(An Ode to Commonwealth Hall, University of Ghana)


O’ ye great fortress of times ancient

You’re the reason Nature’s beauty has held patient

All through times olden, to times recent

Sure, therein lies a legendary aura only in your presence

Tingling names of men of valour all through your precincts:

                  O’ ye great fortress uphill,

                   Thou to my heart, most appeal.

Which other, in rank or deed, surpasses your identity?

Commonwealth, an indelible emblem of unity

Amongst factions of racial diversity

Which other name could confer more dignity?

On my great fortress of tranquility

Wherein my soul finds rarest humility:

                     O’ ye great fortress uphill,

                      In thy bosom, so solemn I feel.

O’ my great fortress of undying courage 

Thou art but amongst pleasing mountain relics

A landscape well-adorned and deeply relished

A great piece of old Greek and Roman reminisce

Of antique architecture most cherished

And truly, so pleasantly embellished:

                  O’ ye great fortress uphill,

                   From thee, beauty and essence together, spill.

Beneath each staircase, lies history untold

And atop, runs uniqueness, keen and bold

Monumental grounds that have held legendary feet of old

The captivating run of cellars of warmth into terraces of cold

The perfect touch of greenery of priceless gold

Upon every twist of architectural beauty unsold;

O’ what profound beauty all in one, rolled!

                    O’ my great fortress uphill,

                    Thy beauty, my greatest zeal.

O’ thou, Great Mount of liberty

Bearer of Sons of Sovereignty

Men of both pride and humility:

Proud in their profound sense of identity;

Yet humble along the trail of human sanity:

                   My great fortress uphill,

                    Of thee, I’m proud still!

A great citadel bursting with vibrant men

Who for sake of justice, would always stand

To rectify any appalled socio-political turn

And in that, the defenceless to fend

From social venoms, so stern

Truly brave men, who with fearlessness, burn

That posterity might have a better turn:

                    And thou, my great fortress uphill,

                    Are the soil on which collective activism is tilled;

                    A haven where wounds of victimizations are healed

                    Yes! Upon your crown of Monarchy, TRUTH STANDS, still.

O’ Great land of authentic music

Heart-melting melody of the Bacchus Mystic

That pleasantly comes spilling when the day is running misty

Consciously composed music; no… Not by mistake!

As perceived by many a critic.

It’s simply soul-enriching music

Sure, worthy of a Grammy ticket:

                      Indeed, my great fortress uphill,

                      Thou giveth of recreation, to my utmost fill!

My great fortress…

A haven of harmony that gives my mind a jolly stretch

Truly, from amongst the rest, thou art the greatest

And my deep-seated pride lies only in your Sovereign Crest:

                       My great fortress uphill,

                       Let the wind hold so still

                       And … let your peace be, still

                       As the mystic whispers spill

                       Onto this nightly serenity on a hill.

     Let them listen… and let them know how I feel                 

About you my great fortress uphill

Now and ever more, may I remain in thy bosom

So my numbered days may all blossom.

Till the sun is done; and till thy kingdom come,

                      Vandal City, my great fortress uphill,

                       Thou to my noble heart, most appeal

                       And so will it be forever, still.


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