True, the long wait just passed on

And the much-awaited just knocked on my frail door

Passing moments have silently knitted out the haunted moment

and the fire finally got so intense

It was all indeed a long wait

But good enough, the survivor spirit stayed

The loud bellows rang

But the clear sound, we hardly could understand

Or even do anything about; but just daze along

The bellows blew on…….. and we sang our songs

And it was all rife…… A revolution for our old-tainted lives

Crusade! Crusade!! Crusade!!!

And we, the tireless vuvuzellas, sang and chanted on

All in the way of liberty, our endless song.

The flags flew high and bade

The fading horrors of the passed days.

And our stumping feet soldiered on fast

Indeed, it was the birth of a new day

The birth of liberty, our divine way!




Where we trek
       There they stalk
    For the bloody bits for their kegs
Minds scheming vicious plots
Hitting, piercing, sipping and then draining….
The very life of our pay-in!

We own the fort
    The vessel of their being
But we lost our thoughts
     The very roots of our paradise unseen
That, the vampire’s own leeway
To slowly sip our very lives away.

Breeze Under Trees

Just wanna have that feel again…
  ….the feel of breezy wheezes after rain
U know… that kind of breeze….
      …..Caught under the stretched arms of trees….
              ….those shady canopies lining these streets
I love the breeze ….
              ……. under these… trees!

Coming Home

How long have they been?
These scenes of oldest memories so keen
How long has it been since?
When my eyes saw these very things

A journey so long and weary
Yet renewing the memories, even the ones that were blurry
The antique scenery, wide and varied
All along the long, winding way back home
The only place, my roots deeply sown

But is there a welcome for me in my homeland?
Shall home ever recall this returning son?


Stinging smiles…
Eventually pierce the heart through each mile
Deadening the senses for a much longer while.
Stuck like warps and woofs, you and I
And like always, I smile; you too smile
But while we smile, my very blood is that on which you survive
My very slip towards death re-sparks your very own life
Face cloaked in meekness
But the mind beneath, is run by a machinery of dreary wickedness
A weird matrimony between peace and strife!
Indeed, weird thoughts run through some minds
And strange deeds thus stain this beautiful life
Do you still have that silently bellowing appetite for a piece of me?
…. Even as we share warm hugs, sweet smiles and joyous laughter so free?

In The Unknown

The forces called and we dared not say no
The icy hands stretched forth and we had to go.
Now of brown earth made
And of the mystic caucuses engaged,
Seemingly thoughtless, senseless, motionless…. or maybe nearly so.
Yet, we have journeyed on
In secrecy and quietude
In an endless hound.
Indeed, towards the unknown land
There, our journey bound!
But needless to say, ‘ We are lost!’
So where lies forward?
When we cannot even trace backward
Lost souls baited into the unknown
Where marooned consciousness and subtle hope
Both hold us captive…. eternally.

Rockin’ With Nature

Out upon a rock,
In the glare of nature so free
Without which life couldn’t be,
My innermost soul did rock
To the beautiful tune of nature
And my heart wasn’t spared the rapture

Out upon a tree
A lark sat and did sing
Out upon my rock, I did listen
Wishing I could be so free
Free enough to live in a nest
And not bother about a nurse

Out in the air
The butterflies were gay
‘Cause the sun rays were at play
Their flight….. such a flare!
They did visit all the beautiful flowers,
Ever grateful to the heavenly showers.